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Making Money Through Giving Violin Lessons

As a violinist, you might be feeling there are not sufficient career options open to you. If you are happy with just playing at concerts, then it’s great. But many musicians feel the need to go forward and share their knowledge. A lot of great violinists give […]

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YouTube: Violin cover – We Don’t Talk Anymore (Charlie Puth)

Learn to play the violin beautifully today!

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Maintaining a Violin – Part 2

Learning how to maintain your violin is an important part of your violin lessons because a well-maintained instrument will allow you to learn capably and will give good service for many years. We have already seen some tips on how to keep your violin in good shape […]

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Maintaining a Violin – Part 1

All musicians without a doubt love to play their instruments and when you are just starting out, you would enjoy working on your newfound knowledge regularly. But with this also comes responsibility in taking care of your instrument. Violins don’t really come cheap but if they are […]

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Why Learn the Viola?

Why Learn the Viola?   For most people, learning an instrument comes with a reason. Either someone they know is already learning the instrument or they love the music performed on that particular instrument, or they simply perceive it as ‘cool’. However, there are several other reasons […]

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Violin Lessons: Preparing for Auditions

Violin Lessons: Preparing for Auditions   After you learn to play the violin, you can improve your skills by giving live performances. This can lead to more exposure, dealing with stage fright and also give you a confidence boost. You can give solo performances or be part […]

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Violin Lessons: Types of violins and tips to buy

Violin Lessons: Types of violins and tips to buy   There are various factors that you need to consider when you are looking to buy a violin. From your experience, budget, requirements, and categories, a lot of options may come up. You need to look through these […]

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Violin Beginners Lessons: Buying vs. Renting a Violin

Violin Beginners Lessons: Buying vs. Renting a Violin   One question that every violin student faces right at the beginning of their musical journey is whether to rent or buy a violin for practicing. It goes without saying that you need an instrument available to you in […]

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Viola Lessons: Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning the Viola from Teachers

Viola Lessons: Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning the Viola from Teachers   If you are a newbie to an instrument, then it is natural you might find the entire idea of starting to learn from scratch daunting. There is an element of the unknown and you might […]

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Pop Violin for Beginners

Pop Violin For Beginners Everyone likes violins, and it is often an instrument of choice for many beginners. Beautiful and melodious, the violin is great fun to play and is adaptable to different genres of music. It can be tough for beginners but it is well worth […]

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