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Violin Lessons for Beginners

Found A Violin Teacher Within Days
July 3, 2014

Found A Violin Teacher Within Days

"I was trying to find a violin teacher for a long time. Luckily, I chanced across your website and found a violin teacher within days! Thanks for being so efficient." ~ Verena Tan

Love Violin? It’s Never Too Late To Start Doing Something You Love!

No music background? No problem! You can master the violin quickly with the right teacher.

Have you always wished you could play the violin, but doubted yourself because you have never learnt music in your life?

Yet are you eager to challenge yourself and delight others by proving you can do it no matter what’s your age?

Now you can! Our Beginners violin lessons are designed to help anyone with zero music knowledge learn to play the violin quickly and confidently!


5 Reasons Why Our Violin Teachers Produce Great Results

  1. Focus on teaching correct violin bowing techniques
  2. Teach easy ways to read musical notes
  3. Give constant encouragement and constructive feedback
  4. Provide challenging yet realistic goals every lesson
  5. Make violin lessons fun and inspiring

We match you with the right violin teacher who can meet your learning goals whether you just want to play for enjoyment, aim for top grades in music exams, use specific techniques to play more professionally, or more!

5 Strong Reasons To Choose Us:

  1. Affordable fees for quality violin lessons.
  2. Teachers who make lessons effective and enjoyable.
  3. Flexible lesson times convenient to you, to suit your busy lifestyle.
  4. Get to speak with our violin teachers and know them before deciding if they are right for you.
  5. Maximise enjoyment and learning with experienced teachers who simplify complicated musical concepts and make learning fun.

Any questions about music lessons? Let us help you.

Don't waste your time surfing websites, because that cannot show you how capable the music teachers really are and if they are right for you. Talk to us personally. We have a ready pool of pre-screened violin, viola, and cello teachers ready to cultivate your talent, and we have the experience to help you pick the right one. To ask about our free (priceless) Music Teacher Matching Service or anything else related to music lessons, just call Stacy at (65) 8168-8251, email us at, or send us a message through our website. We look forward to helping you make your musical dreams come true!

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